Announcing the First Annual “Worst Band Name In New York Award”


As much as we love local music, New York bands have a long, inglorious history of naming themselves totally stupid shit–romanticize the glory days of CBGB all you want, there were still adult men calling themselves Tuff Darts. And band names have only gotten more loathsome ever since we ran out of words back in 1993.

Thats why the Village Voice is proud to announce the First Annual Worst Band Name In New York Award. We need your help to find the most unlikely, unfortunate, ill-advised band name in a city that’s pretty much built on terrible band names. We will announce the winner this time next week.

Please help us in our quest by filling our comment boxes with noxious MySpace links. Here are the totally arbitrary rules:

1. The band must actually play shows in the city. Anyone can name a bedroom project Private Lynndie England & The Ball-Pointer-Atters but it takes real nerve to actually book a show and put it on a flyer.

2. The band must be actively playing. Sorry, Mephiskapheles fans!

3. They must live in the five boroughs. So, my apologies, Goo Goo Dolls, but Buffalo doesn’t cut it. And never did, really

4. Oh yeah, the Muggabears changed their name last year so they are ineligible. The winner gets a public forum on this blog to call us total assholes.

Check out our six early nominees after the jump.


Generally decent experimental duo that’s smart enough to listen to John Cage, but can’t name themselves something that doesn’t remind me of a Disco Biscuits song. [MySpace]

Me Talk Pretty

Bands like this are essentially naming themselves I Read A Book! At least have the courtesy to read Pynchon or something instead of something you borrowed from your mom’s bathroom. [MySpace]

My Teenage Stride

I am as shocked as you are that this is not an emo band. [MySpace]

Phil And The Osophers

“[Our name] is something you couldn’t get rid of even if you wanted to,” says guitarist Phil Radiates, totally inaccurately. [MySpace]

We Are Country Mice

You are pretentious weiners. [MySpace]


Fuck!You! [MySpace!MySpace!]

We know we are just touching the tip of the iceberg with these. What bands are we missing?