Lindsay Lohan’s Not-So-Secret Manicure Message Seems to Imply Distaste for the Justice System


Ah, Lindsay. You were once just a wee ginger babe (although given what we know about Dina and Michael, probably never very innocent, not that we’re blaming you for that). But now you’re all grown up for real and making a mess of your life pretty much on your own, what with being unable to make it to those court-ordered booze ed classes (they’re always scheduled at the most inopportune of times, aren’t they?) and keeping cocaine in your shoes (sorry, that was just Gold Bond!). But it’s good to see that you’re not letting the man beat you down completely.

Because at your probation hearing, you were really quite well-groomed as those things go, semi-brushed of hair, clad in a conservative cardi, and freshly manicured with an intricate multi-summer-colored pattern and even some letters on those nails…How literary! Hey, what’s that say?


Now, Gawker speculates that the workmanship was added during the trial, since Lindsay was doodling with a pen when she wasn’t tearing up for her Best Supporting Actress nom, but we’re just saying: That job looks professional, which means, either she intended it for the court and actually had the writing added while in the care of the pros — or, she’s practiced at this sort of thing. I mean, it’s hard to write on your painted fingernail, have you ever tried it? Especially if you’re in the cups.

Perhaps, then, she did do it, using a quality pen, of course, right in front of the judge, as evidence that she’s back on the straight and narrow? Or, maybe she just meant “fuck U.” Yeah, that’s probably it.