Social Network Trailer: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Is a Creep, Is So Fu*king Special (Video)


Maybe you’ve heard about the various misdeeds of young Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg because of the book about him, or the relentless blogging about him, or the leaked IMs, or because you use Facebook and know the distinct feeling of being violated in a sacred area: your Internet private parts!

Well, acclaimed Fight Club director David Fincher teamed up with acclaimed The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin for a movie about what a shithead Facebook billionaire kiddo Mark Zuckerberg is, called The Social Network. And the first trailer is out today. And it is awesome:

The brilliance of it — and reminder, this isjust the trailer — is that by using the not-at-all-subtle soundtracking of a choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” they don’t just break down Zuckerberg and the film’s plot to pretty short, sharp brass tacks, but the entire idea of something like Facebook holding such a prominent place in our lives, too. Because it is creepy! “Facebook Stalking” is one of those ostensibly publicly chastised but really distinct strip of an “everybody does it” habit that we just kind of roll with at this point. Though maybe, once seeing it all on the big screen played by actors like Justin Timberlake (who probably doesn’t have a Facebook account), people might reconsider just what creeps — and how “fucking special” — they really are. And bring down a huge portion of Facebook’s user base in the process.

Update: Like clockwork, Rachelle Hruska — proprietor of NYC-based social scene site Guest of a Guest, a venture funded by perpetual anti-Facebook litigants Cameron and Tyler WInklevoss, two shiny Olympic rowers who claim theft on Zuckerberg’s part for the original Facebook idea (who are also characters in the movie) — has expressed her anticipation for the film:

Is that a vested interest in your pocket, or are you just happy to see the Internet? Guest of a Guest post forthcoming? Either way, one gets the distinct feeling that a certain billionaire is about to become one of the few people on this planet to learn what schadenfreude on an epic, pop-culture scale is like. On the positive side of things, at least this movie is going to be good. Could be worse. Could be a Brett Ratner movie. Just saying.