Darth Vader Bank Robber Sticks Up Long Island Chase


We at Runnin’ Scared have noted an odd trend in criminals these days. They’re all themed, or at least, the ones the media and public pays attention to are — which isn’t strange; who wants a regular old garden variety robber when they can have the cat woman, the East Coast geezer robber (RIP, you old tough), the bouquet bandit, or the Darth Vader bank thief?

It seems as if branding is everything when it comes to getting noticed on your particular crime spree, though the psychology of that is best left for another day.

According to Newsday, this six-foot-something criminal took his gun and his mask and cape to a Chase bank in Setauket, Long Island, this morning. The teller gave him money, and he escaped but for these photos, which will quickly have police on the tail of a man wearing a cape, Darth Vader mask, and tell-tale camo pants.

Awesome (except, no! He’s a criminal!) photos via Gothamist.