Topless Anna Chapman Dolls for Sale, Plus Bonus Tony Hayward Doll!


It took less than a month. You can now buy your own Anna Chapman spy doll, including a bare-chested one clad in a parochial schoolgirl’s skirt that pairs effortlessly with her gun. Hey, even though these dolls look almost nothing like “sexiest of spies” Anna Chapman, the hair color is a pretty good match, and you can play creepy games with them or whatever you do for far less ($29.95) than it would take to actually fly to Russia and attempt to get Anna Chapman to stand around topless in a plaid skirt for you. (Full photo after the jump.)

Then there’s the super-buff blue-eyed Tony Hayward doll, which also looks nothing like the real thing, except for maybe the cheekbones and a vaguely British expression around the eyes.

If that doesn’t interest you, how about a classic (bestselling!) Workout Sarah Palin, or maybe an anorexic Hillary Clinton? Thank you,

[via NYDN]