The French Horn of Sadness Plays For Thee: A Word About All Those People Who Didn’t Get Into the Cap’n Jazz Show Yesterday



Nostalgia was the order of the day in Williamsburg yesterday, as packs of suspiciously old ex-hardcore kids roamed the pastures of Brooklyn to see the iconic ’90s indie band Cap’n Jazz reunite at the Williamsburg Waterfront and then, later, to watch the mighty Universal Order of Armageddon reassemble at Death By Audio (where they basically peeled the paint off the walls). But God hates emo, evidently: thunderstorms descended mid-afternoon, forcing Cap’n Jazz show organizers Jelly NYC into confrontations with the police and, later, into moving the entire show–also featuring Lighting Bolt, Death Set, and No Age (who later played secret guest at the UOA show)–to Brooklyn Bowl, where the capacity was way, way smaller. Many people never made it in. (Though the band later played a semi-secret second show at Maxwell’s.) Circa 5 p.m., Twitter morphed into a symphony of sadness, as people who are inclined to be kind of emotional anyway vented about the weather, the alleged malfeasance of the Jelly kids, and the tragedy of being prevented from seeing Tim Kinsella read the lyrics to a-ha’s “Take On Me” off of a sheet of paper. Want to know what it felt like?:










Our pal Andrew Kuo pretty much summed it up though: