Yes, Method Man Got Hit in the Face at the Gathering of the Juggalos Too, But It Was Nothing Like The Tila Tequila Incident [Audio, Photos]


Yes, Method Man did get hit in the face during his set with Redman at the Gathering of the Juggalos on Sunday night. Witnessed this too, though from the crowd, not the stage. It was about a minute and a half into “A-Yo,” and all the sudden, a flying object struck him in the head. The music stopped, Method Man winced, looked momentarily like the Incredible Hulk about to transform, and for a second, appeared as if he was going to pounce on the people below him. Immediately, the unnerved crowd booed, and began chanting, “You fucked up! You fucked up!” at the anonymous person who fired the shot. But even though Redman beckoned, “Method Man, your face is cut, go take care of that,” Method insisted his DJ turn the music back on, and in less than a minute, they went right back into “A-Yo” and finished the whole show. Afterwards, there were medics at his tour bus.

This wasn’t the national publicity the Juggalo community needed after Friday night’s Tila Tequila incident, but let’s make a distinction–the two circumstances were completely different. Tila Tequila antagonized an angry mob; Method Man’s wound was the product of a singular disrespectful asshole. Again, this is a fact: Juggalos throw things at each other, at performers, at the Gathering–they just do, it’s been a part of their concert culture for years–and this is something that Insane Clown Posse themselves are apparently trying to change. ICP’s Violent J specifically said on Friday to a reverential public, “We wish you wouldn’t throw the shit.”

So when earlier in the set, something flew by Method Man’s head, he instructed, “Next time you see somebody throw some fucking shit, punch him in his fucking face” and the crowd cheered in approval. And after he’d been hit, the Juggalos kept shouting their clown-love refrain “Family! Family!” at him. Method seemed genuinely touched; he put his hand on his heart and asked if the motherfucker who hit him with the bottle could hear that. The rest of us did.

Audio: Method Man gets hit during “A-Yo,” crowd boos [1:30]

Method Man: “Next time you see somebody throw some shit, punch him in his fucking face”