The Great Recession Is a Turn-On for the Sex Toy Industry


Sex has a pretty high investment/return ratio, so when financial hard times hit home, it’s not a bad idea to hit the sack. If recent sales figures are any indication, sex-toy stores and websites are jackhammering this logic straight to the bank, replacing couples’ fleeting splurges on vacations and dinners with the lasting pleasures of furry handcuffs and vibrating everythings, according to the Daily News.

“Each month’s been better than the last,” Sam Bard, who co-founded Shag in Williamsburg last December told the Daily News.

Infamous LES sex-shop Babeland, which has three outpost in New York City, had an 18 percent spike in Web visitors and a 13 percent jump in sales in 2009.”New Yorkers account for the biggest percentage of our online sales,” said spokeswoman Pamela Doan.

It’s nice to know that while many people are struggling to pay their rent, the financial buzz-kill is not taking away every pleasure. After all, free stress relief that costs only as much as the toys of your choosing sure beats therapy bills! So, when life gives you lemons, head straight for the bedroom. Or if you’re really desperate, the bananas.