Yo La Tengo Doing Their Maxwell’s Hannukah Shows Again


It just wasn’t the same without them. Yo La Tengo’s annual epic run of Hannukah-themed shows at Maxwell’s in Hoboken was sorely missed last year, the first time they’d opted out since 2001, robbing us all of a crucial winter tradition, stuffed with holiday cheer and the inevitable super-secret special guest or three: David Byrne! Ronnie Spector! Alex Chilton! Amy Poehler! (Plus the walk from whatever public transportation you take to the venue itself, every building on either side loaded down with blinking holiday decorations, is the most sweetly emo walk you’ll take all year.) That this is all happening again in 2010 is the best news you’ll hear all day.

Verily, they’re back this year, December 1-8, and tix are on sale tomorrow. No way of knowing who will show up when, but that’s the sort of festive-crapshoot appeal of it all. Read the band’s extensive 2008 diary, and/or our own extensive 2007 diary, and pick the day you think is luckiest.