Bill Maher Has Masturbation-Hating Christine O’Donnell By the Balls Because She ‘Dabbled in Witchcraft’ on a ‘Satanic Altar’


Oh, this is almost too much to handle. Think Progress, by way of The Daily What, points us toward the video of Bill Maher on the subject of everyone’s latest favorite crazy white person, Christine O’Donnell, who is a real live candidate for the United States Senate who loathes lust and really regrets having sex in college. Or something! All of which makes it more surprising that Maher, in his words, “created” O’Donnell through her appearances on Politically Incorrect, in which she admitted to “dabbling into witchcraft” and going on “a midnight picnic on a satanic altar” for a first date. Maher now says every week she doesn’t come on his show, he’ll play another one of his 22 or so clips of her being weird or worse, funny to liberals. It’s Maher’s version GOOD Friday, but for politics. But it all seems so familiar.

Yes, that is video of the very same Bill Maher ripping into then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin for her insane religious beliefs, Avon lady looks and showing a video of Palin being exorcised by “a black witchdoctor.” And look at her now.