Cary Grant and Randolph Scott: A Love Story


This historical observation just came in from regular reader Gregory Moore:

“It’s happened to me more than once: While conversing with a straight person, Cary Grant‘s name will come up and the topic of whether or not he was gay arises.

“It seems that straight people — especially straight women — will bristle and become very sexually territorial about him. Sort of like, ‘No, you can’t have him! He’s ours!’

“I can’t think of any other star whose nebulous sexuality gives rise to such a tug-of-war between the hets and the homos.

“For me, the answer lies in the following photos I’ve collected over the years of Grant with Randolph Scott. Grant’s ‘friendship’ with the devastatingly handsome Scott was remarkably open and fairly candid in the dangerously oppressed 1930s.

“There were several photo shoots for the fan magazines of the two ‘merry bachelors,’ who for several years shared a beach house in Santa Monica, as well as a mansion in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, which was commonly referred to in the press as ‘Bachelor Hall,’ both before, during, and after their various marriages to women (they had seven marriages between them).

“These photos are just a few of the many I’ve found, and I find it so perfectly clear that they were much more than just ‘roommates.’ It’s obvious that they shared a great love and were just about the most physically gorgeous couple in Hollywood history.”