“Williamsburg” Now Just Means “Cool,” According to Real Estate Brokers — Even in Manhattan


Well, this is interesting. “Williamsburg” is now a descriptor being used to sell apartments in Manhattan, which denotes either the beginning of the end, or simply some oblivious brokers. Or both. As EV Grieve, who spotted the listing, points out, this makes no sense.

Despite a gratuitous wink-wink mention of the crowded L train, which runs in Manhattan, too, guys, this is just your basic mix of adjectives you should consider with a healthy dose of suspicion (amazing!/huge!/serenity!) and financial promises (low maintenance!) that you should also eye askance. There’s nothing implicitly hipster or “Williamsburg” in wood flooring, chef’s kitchens, and THE EAST VILLAGE…if, in fact, there’s anything implicitly hipster or “Williamsburg” about real estate in the first place.

Leading us to wonder, what exactly does one think when one thinks “Williamsburg” about one’s apartment? Refrigerator full of PBR? Coonskin cap hanging on wall? Two bathrooms, one for guests?

Anyway, why go to the trouble of thinking Williamburg but living in Manhattan when you can just think and live in Williamsburg? My, these are complicated times.

[via EV Grieve]

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