The Year of Indie Pets: The Gay Pomeranian in Baths’ Press Shots


In the press shots for Baths’ Cerulean, the first Anticon full-length from 21-year-old Will Wiesenfeld, the solo electronic artist is posed among tree trunks and lush grass, staring off into sulking oblivion, wearing your grandfather’s cotton underwear. The photos are ridiculous. This is deliberate. “I hate head-on shots and intentionally not smiling and all that type of thing,” Wiesenfeld told us earlier this week, over the phone from a van he’s sharing with tourmates El Ten Eleven. “So I wanted it to be cutesy.” Cutesy is one way to put it; uncomfortably precious is another. To make things even weirder, Wiesenfeld incorporated his friend Jane’s freshly shorn pomeranian, Giuseppe. “The dog was just sort of, ‘Oh my God that’s next level.'”

And that is how the seventh entrant into our “Year of Indie Pets” series came to be.

Breed: Pomeranian
Caretaker: Will Wiesenfeld’s friend Jane.
Claim to fame: Live prop in Baths’ attention-getting press photos.
Distinguishing characteristics: So stupidly cute, Giuseppe looks like a toy. He “had a weird little summer cut, that’s why it looked kind of strange,” explains Wiesenfeld. “It’s the most mild-mannered adorable animal in the entire world.” Also, “really gay too.”
Anthropomorphic qualities: Goes cruising. “In a very obvious way, he’s only attracted to male dogs and does really creepy stuff around them,” reports Wiesenfeld.
Subsequent myths: That these photos were shot in earnest.

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