Oneida’s Kid Millions Looks Back On Five Years Worth of Brahloween Parties


What more can be said about the indefatigable Kid Millions and the mighty Oneida? Hell, it’s not even news that they throw a killer and sloppy Halloween party, Brahloween, since the band’s annual throwdown is now in its sixth year and has become an end of October staple. So instead, on the eve of Millions et al. gearing up for another bloody axe throwdown at Secret Project Robot, along with Birds of Avalon, Dirty Faces, and Be/ Non, we asked Kid about the ghosts of Brahloweens’ past:

What’s been your favorite decorative theme of Brahloween so far?

There have been a couple without themes: the first two were just gatherings and one of them happened during CMJ. But SPR always goes whole hog with things. Honestly, I think this year will likely be the best as it’s going to be inspired by the catacombs.

How much fake blood will be spilled this year?

Fake blood can be really annoying. The corn syrup and red food coloring technique is too destructive for my taste. I killed a few mosquitoes this morning though. I hope that blood was mine.

Do you have your costume picked out this year? How does it stack up to years’ past?

Not to overestimate myself, but basically I’ve killed it with costumes four out of five times. I’m a tough act to follow. The first year I had a bloody Animal (from the Muppets) bursting out of my stomach (through a black Zildjian t-shirt) courtesy of Alison Busch–that was classic. People seem to remember the time I just threw together an assortment of antlers, fake fur, a mask, and Viking accessories and poked them in the eyes when I hugged them. A very annoying costume. I seem to be on a seasons thing right now. Maybe Old Man Winter this year.

What was the best costume you saw at Brahloween last year?

I’d have to say it was Big Bear’s all-band sushi look. They wore white jump suits and strapped body pillows to their back with fish-colored coverings. It made an impression.

The scariest band to play Brahloween?

Sightings of course. They were the only guys in the room not in costumes.

Brahloween or Secret Project Robot’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Christmas party: which one is scarier?

Brahloween is all about fun. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath gets a little darker. That’s not a problem though. I think SBS kinda goes for a darker vibe. Like a Birmingham Christmas seance or something.

If Oneida were to do a group outfit, who would you guys go as?

We just don’t cohere in that way. At best, it all works together when you put us all on the same stage, but we’ll never be on the same page with a costume.

What Oneida song makes for the best Halloween jam?

“The Human Factor” I think, as it gets dark when we play it. And conveniently enough, we just put out a limited edition 12″ of that song on Limited Appeal Records.