All Four Corners of Allen and Delancey Streets Are Now Occupied by Restaurants and Bars


It turns out that calling a restaurant “Allen & Delancey” was not so much a statement of location as a prophecy: The intersection has now been completely taken over by establishments that traffic in food and drink.

Bowery Boogie reports that the intersection’s southwest corner will soon be home to Berkli Parc, a “low-key cafe that will serve up California-style cuisine” that is planning to open December 1. The café occupies the former home of a blind- and carpet-supply store, and its decor features a lot of wood paneling.

So, to review:

On the intersection’s southeast corner, Scandinavian drinking and comestibles courtesy of White Slab Palace and Fisk.

On the intersection’s northeast corner, corporatized caffeine from Starbucks.

On the intersection’s northwest corner, another fucking Subway. And next door, tartan and Loch Duart salmon, courtesy of Mary Queen of Scots.

And that’s not forgetting the block extending south from Berkli Parc, which is occupied by Sorella and its soon-to-open offshoot bakery, Stellina.

Basically, the intersection’s transformation offers final and unequivocal proof that the city is being eaten alive by places that will leave you drunk, caffeinated, and well-fed, but even more disconnected from anything evoking retail diversity and individual neighborhood character. But at least nobody appears to be selling cupcakes.

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