News Corp. is Basically Hiring Everyone for The Daily iPad Thinger


Lock up ye editorial staffers! The Daily is trying to hire them if they haven’t already. And if Papa Rupe doesn’t come for ’em, Yahoo will. A New York Observer-er peaces out. Finally, the clearing out of some old items, the firing of some long-needed shots, and the media company you’re most likely to die working for. Press Clips, Day 22, I’ve Already Checked Out For Thanksgiving Edition, right here.

The Daily as Editorial Staff Conquerer: We all know by now that Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, The Daily — or The Daily Genocidal Tyrant as Jack Shafer’s latest gleefully Slate-y filing would have it — is probably already getting a better stake of his will than Liz, Lachlan, James, and Wendi. Combined. He has shown that he’s not afraid to poach his own talent for it, for one thing. Former managing editor of the New York Post, Jesse Angelo — who’s widely credited around town for keeping the Post running day-to-day under Col Allan — was poached for it. The Post‘s star gossip, Richard Johnson, was poached for it. And as David Carr pointed out in his New York Times column this week, he’s even taking shit from other executives for cutting costs on Fox shows in the Apple Store to get favored nation status from Steve Jobs. He thinks about it at night while he is in bed. It is his favorite plaything, and as such, Jesse Angelo — now the Draco Malfoy to his Voldemort — has been given the go-ahead to hire every editorial staffer in New York to work on this thing (or so it feels). On that note, I am putting together a list of all the people who have interviewed with or are working with The Daily! Why? Because it’s fun is why. Do you know anyone who has talked to them? Talk to me.

The Media Thaw Continues! Remember when John Koblin wrote that a Media Thaw was happening back in April? Well, he was right, and it continues. But it would appear — as noted microfame expert Rex Sorgatz noted — that they’re all being hired by The Daily and Yahoo, who just brought on a veritable Charlie’s Angels of New York media writers:

  • Lindsay Robertson (Videogum, New York, Jezebel)
  • Caryn Ganz (Spin, Rolling Stone)
  • Erin Carlson (AP, Crushable)
  • Courtney Reimer (New York Times, Nylon, New York)

This is in addition to Will Leitch (Deadspin, New York) and Mark Lisanti (founding editor, Movieline), and without forgetting Joe Pompeo (Business Insider, New York Observer) and Michael Calderone (Politico) on the media desk, or Brett “Cajun Boy” Dykes (Gawker, Animal NY) at The Upshot. One word: Jesus. You’ve definitely already read something (or at least one link-degree of something) by all of these people at one point or another. It is insane.

We also can’t forget the sad news that one-half of the original Gawker Weekend Editor team and The Original Status Galley Gangsta himself, Leon Neyfakh, is leaving the New York Observer for the Boston Globe. That’s how real this “Thaw” business is: New York is losing editorial staffers TO BOSTON! At the Observer, Neyfakh covered publishing, then art, then New York City’s tech scene, coverage that’s been going quite well for them given the (supposedly pre-bubble) climate. They’re big shoes to fill for the Observer. Also, Trivia Time! Are there any other pre-Kyle Pope staffers left at the Observer now besides Max Abelson and Reid Pillifant?

Lockhart Steele Now Just Giving Away Money. No, really. Seen on the internet last week, via the Cubed Media impresario and his Eater editor Amanda Kludt:

‘The fuck? I’m currently planning my Money Train-esque assault on the sixth floor of this building.

Newsweek Staffers Behaving in Totally Reasonable Ways Given Circumstances at Hand. Via a junior Newsweek reporter on Twitter last week:

Can’t blame him. At all.

Working for Reuters Will Kill You. Literally.

Guest of a Guest Who’s Not Coming to Dinner? Guest of a Guest just lost two major editorial staffers, Chiara Atik and Billy Gray. Gray went to NBC’s The Feast to cover nightlife. Chiara wrote this very enjoyable goodbye post about what she learned from covering nightlife for two years at Guest of a Winklevoss. Their new guy is this Ross Kenneth Urken character. He’s got bylines at The New Yorker and New York and is working full-time at Guest of a Guest. There’s nothing up with that, right?

An Open Letter to Tavi Gevinson and Jane Pratt: This blog post is one of the worst things I’ve read all year. Please ignore it at least until I can process it further as something other than An Old expressing frustration that A Revolutionary Young is being given an opportunity that makes her jealous and angry and insecure about her own station professionally. I have read it no less than six times and still don’t understand what the thinking was behind writing it. Publishing it, on the other hand? I enjoyed that part.

The Hand of Peter W. Kaplan at WWD Finally, speaking of Peter Kaplan, the longtime former Observer editor’s influence is not escaping the pages of the Fairchild Media publications he oversees! John Koblin’s story last week about The Daily — which like his last big feature before it on the separation of longtime New York partners-in-crime Hugo Lindgren and Adam Moss began with a wonderfully Kaplan-esque stage-setting anecdote — had this money-line in it:

Think of the project as The New York Post Goes to College, as The Daily is staffing up with a lot of bright, young twentysomething journalistic talent working at media properties throughout the city.

Feel like I’ve heard that one before. In the introduction to the New York Observer coffee table book The Kingdom of New York, one Peter W. Kaplan writes of the Observer‘s change from a broadsheet to a tabloid-style paper:

“...We remade ourselves as a tabloid, a kind of New York Post goes to college. It was like buying a miniskirt.”

For further reference, Kaplan also said something of the sort to David Carr around the time of the switch, when Carr wrote that “Peter Kaplan, editor of The Observer, said that with its classic typefaces and old-school illustrations, the redesign is a literate hybrid, a new kind of tabloid that affirms print as a viable medium and draws in young readers.” Like a New York Post. That went to college. Always give them the old fire!

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And that’s all for now! Remember, you know anything about who’s working for The Daily, I’m making a list and checking it twice. Hit me up. This one goes out to Rupe and his new toy: