Alma 33’s Restaurant Reviewer Extraordinaire


What’s a recently opened restaurant to do if the critics haven’t stopped by yet for a visit? Place a review written by the owner’s offspring in the window, of course! At least that’s what Greenwich Village Argentinean tapas restaurant Alma 33 (33 West 8th Street, 212-380-8794) did.

Gabi, the reviewer, is quite a critic, not knowing what veal is nor having a single bad thing to say about the restaurant. We haven’t eaten at Alma 33 yet (in fact, a call to the restaurant confirmed that they aren’t officially open yet), so we can’t weigh in at this point, but let’s hope that Gabi’s parents pay a bit more attention to detail when it comes to the food than Gabi does to spelling. A “superp” meal doesn’t sound very good now, does it?

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