Village Voice Web Awards: The Winners!


Did you miss our party last night? It was fun. More importantly, people won stuff, like giant foam fingers and real, live cans of Four Loko! Herewith, a recap of the deserving winners of the very first ever First Annual Village Voice Web Awards! Also, our apologies to Best Neighborhood Blog, which was somehow not actually announced last night. EV Grieve was the official winner in that category, as chosen by the very special people of Foursquare. Nonetheless, you all rock, and as Miss Heather of New York Shitty said to me last night, “It’s great just to be a finalist.” More winners after the jump…

Blog Post of the Year
“Justice in Brooklyn” by Jami Attenberg

Video of the Year
The Gregory Brothers, “Bed Intruder Song”

Tweets of the Year
“Hey @aimeemann stop worrying bout my acting bitch, and worry about your WACK ass music. In the mean time…Eat a hot bowl of Dicks! ICE T”

“I’m so glad I live in New York City and not in the United States.”

Best Twitterers
Questo of the Roots

Best Sports Blog
Deadspin, for all its contributions to the field of “athlete dong”

Best Local Celebrity Site
Patrick McMullen

Best Food Blog

Best Photo Blog
Joe’s NYC

Best Local Music Site
Oh My Rockness

Best Politics Blog
Joe. My. God.

Best Neighborhood Blog
EV Grieve

Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Business
McNally Jackson Bookstore

Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Personal Brand

Best Locally Built iPhone App
All City

Best Local Activism Site

Best Designed Site
Design Observer

Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Brand
East Village Radio

Best Club Site
Bowery Presents

Best Restaurant Site
Dirt Candy, for its hilarious blog

Best Use of Video in Entertainment
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Michael Cera from Between Two Ferns

Best Arts Blog
Art Fag City

Best Use of Video in Food
Food Curated

Best Flickr Pool
Guess Where NYC

Best Personal Blogs
Bob Arihood’s Neither More Nor Less
Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY

Best Sex Blogger
Awesome Slut

Best Tumblrs
100 Interviews
Honorable mention: Uncomfortable Moments with Putin

Best Local Internet Character (Real)
Eddie Huang (Follow him on Twitter here)

Best Local Internet Character (Fictional)
@Wise_Kaplan and @CrankyKaplan

Most Compelling Evidence of Intelligent Human Life on the Internet

Best Literary Twitter Account
Colson Whitehead

Best Fashion Blogger
Elizabeth Spiridakis

Lifetime Achievement Award
Cats. (The animal.)

Congrats to all the winners and nominees, and thanks to Todd Barry, the Astronomical Kid, @1000TimesYes, Whole Foods, and THAT BARTENDER. We really do love you. Also, we may still be drunk. Loko happens.