Newark Mayor Cory Booker Is Hero of the Snowpocalypse


“It is a day like any other day,” said Mayor Bloomberg of the Snowpocalypse this morning, adding, “There is no need for anybody to panic.” Yeah, tell that to the people that were stuck on the A train last night for 7 hours — real typical commute. Bloomberg then tried to ease people’s fears by saying, “the world has not come to an end.” Well, maybe he’s right, but our mayor should really look to Newark mayor Cory Booker as an example of what to do in an environmental crisis. His efforts today have been Oprah-esque.

Shovel in hand, Booker is helping out residents himself (via Twitter):

I’m patroling with my shovel helping dig out. Let me know if any seniors or disabled need help.

In his most heroic act of the day, he made sure that his team brought diapers to a woman trapped in her apartment with her poo-covered baby (via Twitter):

I’m delivering the diapers now. We will get her street soon RT @tmhester: @CoryBooker Highland Ave b/w My sis can’t get out to get diapers.

He even took time out between shoveling to give some kids a geometry lesson (via Twitter):

Here is to the lesson of Snowflakes: Individually beautiful yet fragile. But look how strong they are when they all stick together!

Meanwhile, Mayor Mike referred everyone to the always-stalled 311 (via Twitter):

To report roads that need plowing or salt, call 311 or visit #NYC #Blizzard