Suck UK Keychain Wine Corkscrew


The Suck UK Keychain Wine Corkscrew looks great when buried in a cork. But where does the leverage come from, mechanically speaking?

Suck UK is the improbable name of a British company that makes gadgets, some ingenious, some just funny. One of the most appealing, for oenophiles (wine geeks), is the key-chain corkscrew, which retails for somewhere between $10 and $20 online and in stores.

The thing folds down into a miraculously compact cylinder, and looks like you might be able to smoke pot out of it like a one-hitter.

The genius of the thing lies in its folding, rather than corkscrewing, capacities. Composed of stainless steel and red-painted steel, the thing takes down into a cylinder with a red metal jacket. There’s a lock that keeps it in this position. Once unlocked, it pulls out into a diamond, and then goes into a “V” shape, at which stage the corkscrew is screwed into the cork.

The fully unfurled formation of the key-chain corkscrew.

The design, when in the diamond shape, almost makes you think there will be something to help you exert leverage as you pull the cork, but gradually you come to realize that, once the device has been put in the cork, you have to exert brute force to pull it out. No leverage, no suction, just put the bottle between your knees and prepare to get red in the face.

This is what the device looks like once the cork has been extracted.

I think I will put the thing on my key chain to impress my wine-fancying friends, but when it comes to actually extracting the cork, I’m going to grab my side-pull corkscrew out of my backpack.


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