MTA’s New Trash Can Slogan Will Completely Eliminate Garbage


People who complain about trash on the subway are like vacationers who whine about the heat in Florida. Nonetheless, the MTA is trying to do something about all that subterranean rubbish. “Hauling reeking, rat-filled garbage” through the cars late at night didn’t work, so they’ve put their thinking caps on and wrote a brand new slogan to put on trash receptacles: “Litter Stops Here.”

The Times reports that the slogan was designed by the MTA’s in-house marketing team and “made its debut in February at the Bowling Green and Whitehall stations in Lower Manhattan.” They have begun to apply the white lettering on bins in all New York subway stations. It replaces the lyrical, “Can It for a Greener Planet!” (we’re assuming because the internal rhyme scheme drove people to litter even more out of disgust).

“Litter Stops Here” is good, but we think we can do better:

  • “Let’s Keep Trash a Jersey Thing”
  • “Pick Up That NutRageous Wrapper, Jackass”
  • “Clean Up After Yourself, Your Mother Doesn’t Live in the Subway (And if She Does, We Are Sorry)”
  • “Can It for a Greener Planet! (For Real This Time, Okay?)”
  • “We Just Saw That Celebrity You Love and Admire Throw out His or Her Garbage”

Same Old Garbage, but a Crisp New Slogan [NYT]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 19, 2011

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