Tom Cruise’s Daughter Leaves Him Over Scientology?


Former Page Six-er Richard Johnson* (see below) is reporting at The Daily that Tom Cruise’s daughter, Isabella, 18, is fed up with Scientology and has moved out of her father’s house.

A Cruise publicist denied the report.

Johnson quotes two of our favorite Scientology sources, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, both of whom were very high up in the organization until they bolted in 2004 and 2007, respectively.

Rathbun, who “audited” Cruise at Scientology, tells The Daily that Nicole Kidman only got involved in the odd “religion” to please Cruise, but that her qualms about it led to rifts in the family:

“She did quite a bit of Scientology,” Rathbun recalled of Kidman. “But I will say I don’t think her heart was ever in it. It was more to placate Tom.”

As we’ve seen time and again, Scientology has a way of splitting up families, and Johnson is reporting that not only was the religion a factor in the breakup between Kidman and Cruise, but now it’s coming between Cruise and his kids.

Rathbun tells Johnson that he’s heard Connor is rebelling after the church told him to “cut off a young friend who had left Scientology,” and that Isabella has moved out to live with Kidman “because of her issues with Scientology.”

At his blog, Rathbun expressed what appears to be some ambivalence over helping Johnson with the story:

I hope Conner doesn’t get the impression I want to see him busted for sharing the facts I did with The Daily. Quite the contrary, I want him to know there is a vast network out here of caring people that have his back in the event the Miscavige mind control tactics exceed his tolerance level.

We’ll see if we can get him to expand on that later today.

UPDATE: Runnin’ Scared friend Hunter Walker tells us the story at The Daily was actually written by him, not Richard Johnson.

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