Peanuts Safe From Persecution…For Now


They might be the sworn enemy of moms with preschool-aged kids, but it looks like peanuts haven’t gotten the ax just yet when it comes to being served on airlines.

Last year, the Department of Transportation presented the public with three options for in-flight nut snacking: a complete ban on serving peanuts on planes, only banning them following a prior request from a passenger for a peanut-free flight, or requiring peanut-free buffer zones.

A peanut-free buffer zone? Errr, OK. Granted, we don’t have peanut allergies, but why is it that peanut allergies get so much more press than other food allergies? What about the lonely man who is allergic to wheat? Why not ban pretzels, too?

Yet luckily for the humble legume (remember, friends, it’s not really a nut), the Department of Transportation proclaimed that there wasn’t enough research to ban the goober, and that a peer-reviewed study on serving peanuts in-flight would be needed before they could take action.

So go and make George Washington Carver proud and eat lots of peanutty things on-board before it’s too late!

[Via CNN]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 22, 2011


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