Barack Obama Didn’t Remove Ground Zero American Flag With His Freedom-Hating Hands


“One minute to air and they decided to take the flag down from the live shot!” ABC News reporter Jake Tapper tweeted yesterday from Ground Zero, along with the image to the right. It was just after President Barack Obama’s visit to New York City to celebrate the killing of Osama Bin Laden, so to a few conservative bloggers, he must’ve ordered the flag down himself — naturally, him being a communist Muslim Kenyan and all. “WTF at WTC? Obama Has American Flag Removed From Ground Zero Site Moments Before Photo Shoot!” went one headline. “Does flying the American flag at Ground Zero now constitute ‘spiking the football???’ Michelle Malkin asked, incensed. Um, no, you idiots.

“Bloggers who created a lie about the flag based on my innocuous tweet: please feel free to unfollow. don’t want my facts to become your lies,” Tapper followed up today.

As it turns out, the flag was indeed on display when Obama was in town, but it gets taken down at night. Tapper’s initial tweet, sent at 6:30 p.m., meant it was removed for his broadcast segment on ABC World News.

But, as Media Matters shows, those pesky facts didn’t stop a bunch of batty bloggers from passing on the “story” nor did the truth prevent the Drudge Report from linking to the story with the headline, “REPORT: Team Obama takes down US flag before Ground Zero event…”

Michelle Malkin apologized when she figured out the (pretty obvious) truth, but the blogger Doug Ross says he’s “sticking by” this comment:

This administration and, by extension, the Democrat Party are now so thoroughly divorced from the history, traditions and morals of America that we might as well admit the Marxist left has executed a successful coup d’état on this Republic.

So there.