Restaurant Lawsuits Becoming More Popular, Restaurateurs Clearly Not Thrilled


D. Maimon Kirschenbaum, everyone’s favorite stick-it-to-the-restaurant lawyer gets some more airtime, now because his law firm has sued so many people that restaurant kerfuffles are making labor law hot again!

According to Crain’s, Kirschenbaum’s firm has already won $20 million in settlements against restaurants, including BLT, Nobu, and Red Lobster. In fact, Kirschenbaum has filed more than 100 lawsuits against restaurants, most of which relate to how restaurants pay out tips to employees and how they calculate wages.

Restaurateurs, meanwhile, call it bullshit. “From our perspective, it’s a scam,” noted a defense lawyer interviewed. And while the big guns have almost all been knocked with lawsuits, plaintiff lawyers are now turning their attention toward smaller businesses. Hear that, restaurants? Consider yourselves warned.