Florent Documentary Opens!


The restaurant Florent pioneered the Meatpacking District in the ’80s, but after 23 years it was driven out by the neighborhood’s success, which it spearheaded to begin with!

Gentrification came around and kicked them right in the Bastille Day costumes.

But, ah, while it lasted!

With Florent Morellet at the helm, the eatery was a casual, crazy, intimate, eccentric magnet for bohemians, famous people, and oglers, all thrilling to the ambience, not to mention the daily specials board, which included Florent’s HIV diary entries!

Well, the documentary Florent, Queen of the Meat Market opens this Friday at Cinema Village, and it’s a feast.

Check it out — not only to see my own stunning appearances, but to take in the likes of Julianne Moore, Diane von Furstenberg, and Florent himself waxing poetic about a fairy-dusted time in New York ingesting.

You’ll also learn how, sadly enough, “Florent” became “For rent.”