Hats Off To Tulips & Pansies


I’m not sure why they asked me to judge the annual Tulips & Pansies headdress competition at Gotham Hall, benefiting Village Care.

I mean, I’m not a tulip!

But I’m really glad I did it, along with Mike Ruiz, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Beth Broderick.

The contestants put the illin’ back in millinery, with outrageously gorgeous chapeaus that made me sneezy, but were well worth it for their sheer aesthetic value and incredible bouquet height.

Besides, I got to hang with the judges, as well as MC James Aguiar and DJ Lady Bunny.

In one particularly fun moment, Beth Broderick — who was Aunt Zelda on Sabrina — told me that years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a friend to her monsignor.

“Arnold blessed my wedding,” she said, “to a man who cheated on me three times!”


(Photos by Andrew Werner)