And Now, Another Restaurant Week. But This One’s Malaysian!


Oh, restaurant week, it seems so long since you last took over the cityscape, tricking gullible diners into purchasing frequently subpar chicken dishes for the cutesy price of $24.07 or $35. And yet you’re returning once again. NYC Restaurant Week will be back, running from July 11 to 24 (and probably longer). But before then, you’ll have a chance to experience another restaurant week: Malaysian Restaurant Week.

The second annual Malaysian Restaurant Week will run from June 13 to 19 in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut, with restaurants featuring a $20.11 three-course prix-fixe menu. New York isn’t rife with Malay cuisine, so the only restaurants in the city participating are Laut, New Malaysia Restaurant, Nyonya, and Penang. SHO Shaun Hergatt and the Stanton Social will also be offering a two-course menu. But, hey, even some laksa is better than no laksa at all.