Urban Outfitters, Still Stealing Designs From Local Artists


If Urban Outfitters executives aren’t shaking in their boots yet, they should be. Because based on this, and this, they’ve been caught red-handed stealing from online fashion and jewelry designers. It will have been a year ago tomorrow that Foster Kamer called out the mega-hipster monolith for stealing from Brooklyn’s own. Today, Chicago blogger/jewelry designer Stevie Koerner discovered the company had stolen her design for a line she called “United States of Love,” calling it instead the “I Heart Destination” line. As Koerner herself commented, “Not cool, Urban Outfitters. Not cool.”

Update: Urban Outfitters ripped something off from Tumblr user Glam-Trash. Yes, this is still happening in 2013.

“Wear your locale love,” Urban’s website reads in the description box for the I Heart Destination necklaces, continuing to detail Koerner’s design aesthetic as a “Delicate cable chain necklace topped with a pendant in the shape of your favorite place and a tiny cutout heart. Finished with a lobster clasp and extender.”

The blogger posted these two photos on her Tumblr, I Make Shiny Things, earlier today:

(The first image is from Urban Outfitters’ online catalog, while the second is from Koerner’s own line on Etsy, just in case — like us — you have trouble telling the two apart.)

Multiple sites, including the Daily Beast and Jezebel, have picked up Koerner’s story. Koerner is definitely not alone: It seems that this sort of thing has been going on since at least … 2001. Both Koerner and Urban Outfitters have been contacted for comment.

Updated: Rich Tong, fashion director at Tumblr, has been in touch with Urban Outfitters’ PR team, who have apparently reached out to Koerner and “begun the process of pulling the items from” We’ll continue to update as the story progresses.