Eliot Spitzer CNN Show, In the Arena, Cancelled, Freeing Him Up to Run NYC


After a prolonged period of subpar ratings, even canning cohost Kathleen Parker (and changing the show’s name) couldn’t save CNN’s In the Arena, where our former, prostitute-loving governor Eliot Spitzer did his redemption time, however brief. The network announced today that the program is being scrapped, with Anderson Cooper’s show moving to the 8 p.m. slot, thereby giving Spitzer plenty of free time to eventually become the mayor of New York City (or so the thinkpieces will wonder!), while the man previously slotted for that job post-Bloomberg, Anthony Weiner, he too a tad too horny for public office, can cycle onto the cable networks, bluster a bit and if he does it all right, service his ego once again with a place in politics. If you can make it here… you can screw up, fail and then come back later.