New Yorkers Who Think They Have Found the Secret to Dating Have Actually Not


Today the New York Post has the heart-warming story of single New Yorkers who have uncovered the secret to romantic happiness in the city. Confident that people who live in Brooklyn will never travel to the West Village, nor vice versa, these lovely representatives of healthy relationships are dating people in various boroughs while claiming to be exclusive with each of them. This seems a tremendous idea, no?

The Post tells the tale of “JB,” who is too smart to use his real name but not smart enough not to be a financial analyst with one lady in Park Slope and one on the Upper East Side. Lying to both of them was “fun and naughty,” wee! — until he got busted, and was unceremoniously dumped. Nick Nadel, on the other hand, dated women from different states — Jersey and New York. He also, apparently, was busted. Women are good at that.

JB is now working with a dating coach — how the mighty have fallen — who gives the wisest advice we have ever heard from someone calling themselves a dating coach: “It’s better to be honest.”

The saddest thing about this story, truly, is not that these people are dating multiple people, nor that they think they’ve come up with some great scheme for dating multiple people. It’s that they’ve willingly orchestrated situations in which they are dating geographically undesirable people. Does no one watch Seinfeld reruns anymore? Date someone close to home so your walks of shame can be minimized! Also, the lying part is pretty ridiculous, especially given the fact that you hardly have to commit to exclusivity just to date someone. So we hear.

However, we sort of have to give credit to the East Village lady* who would let Kent, an hapless Upper West Side TV producer in his thirties, take her out for dinner dates and then insist on taking all the leftovers home so she could share them with her poor, presumably hot, broke artist man who lived on a commune.

*Full disclosure: That lady is not us.

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