Levi Aron Suspected in Murder of Brooklyn Boy Leiby Kletzky; Facebook Page Asks, ‘Is Your Family Safe?’


Levi Aron has been named as the suspect, not yet charged, in the brutal murder of Leiby Kletzky, the Brooklyn boy missing since Monday who was found chopped up in a suitcase, left in a Dumpster in Park Slope. It has also been reported that some of the boy’s remains were found in Aron’s refrigerator. The suspect’s Facebook page, under the name Levi A., can be seen here, including 238 “friends” (one, Jack Aron, could be a relative). Most disturbing is the Facebook group Levi belongs to entitled, “IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE? Find out who really lives in your area!” which catalogs sex offenders. There is, as of yet, no indication Kletzky was molested, though NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement that the massive search for the missing boy likely spooked Aron into killing young Leiby.

Aron’s Facebook page, which lists him as a resident of Brooklyn, New York, also shows an interest in popular culture including musicians like Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and at least three American Idol contestants, along with television like Seinfeld, The Office and Glee.

Most of his 238 Facebook friends are women, like “Real Paula Abdul,” though other Brooklyn residents by the last name of Aron are in there, too. Since we found the page, Aron has lost at least eight Facebook friends, indicating that as his identity circulates, his online network has started to distance themselves from him.

The other groups he belongs to online include Kabbalah Online and Early Steps Therapy. The most startling, though, “IS YOUR FAMILY SAFE?”, includes “Easy Steps… to Find Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood!”

We’ll continue to update this post as we learn more.

Update, 1:10 p.m.: Click here to listen to the NYPD statement from today, including the theory that Leiby was lost and Aron offered to drive him home, as well as the aforementioned idea that Aron panicked and killed the boy after seeing the extent of the search and the posters around Brooklyn. [h/t Nick]