This Week in the Voice: Citizen Bloomberg


This week in the Voice, Harry Siegel reflects on what he views as the end of Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s political career in light of his shaky third term “marked by the Snowpocalypse, the snowballing CityTime scandal, the backlash to Cathie Black and ‘government by cocktail party,’ and the rejection by Governor Andrew Cuomo of his plan to change how public-school teachers are hired and fired.” Siegel considers how a decade of Bloomberg has affected the city (or not), how the billionaire mayor will be remembered, and what will come next.

Elsewhere, Michael Musto explores the world of “gay’s fave hookup app” Grindr and interviews the app’s founder, Joel Simkhai.

In the world of music, J Pablo ponders Curren$y’s prolific nature and discusses the rapper’s new album, Weekend at Burnie’s.

For food, Robert Sietsema ponders whether or not a hotel restaurant can succeed without a celebrity chef at the Cooper Square Hotel’s new restaurant, the Trilby.

And R.C. Baker convinces our favorite artists to let us in on what they’ve been listening to.

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