Longshot Is Giving You 48 Hours to Make a Magazine About Debt…GO!


Longshot Magazine, the insane attempt to put together a glossy magazine from start to finish in 48 hours over a single weekend (undertaken, obviously, by masochists who don’t spend their weeks the same way we do), just announced the theme for their new issue: debt.

Per their email a few minutes ago, “Debt is the condition of owing. It can be bad; ask anyone with too much credit card debt. But it can be good, too, like when Public Enemy sampled Isaac Hayes on ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ or when you got your mother’s curly hair. It’s the other side of credit.”

How can you participate, if you have so little debt you can afford to spend tomorrow working for free?

Here’s how this works: Starting right now, you have 24 hours to produce and submit your work. We’ll take the next 24 to select, edit, design and lay everything out. The end result will be a beautiful glossy paper magazine. And a super sharp digital edition.

To submit work, send it here by 3pm Eastern/12 noon Pacific tomorrow, Saturday, July 31.

There is also a place for radio heads, which they describe being “Like Storycorps on speed.”

Starting on Friday afternoon at 5, Lonsgshot Radio will have a pop-up recording booth inside the McNally Jackson bookstore, just around the corner from Longshot HQ at Gawker Media. Swing by to join the conversation. We’ll be asking you to talk about your debt, who you owe, and what it means to give back. Plus we’re giving folks a chance to interview each other – so bring a friend!

We hear rumors that our own Harry Siegel, a guest this week on Inside City Hall, may be helping out with Longshot. Follow his adventures on Twitter, as he spends his weekend break from working at a newspaper volunteering to make a magazine.

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