Prince Harry Gets A Comic Book And Graphic Novel, We Go Slightly Insane


Big news: Prince Harry is getting his own comic book and graphic novel come August. Both are called “The Royals: Prince Harry” and both feature creepy cover art. In one version Harry has brown hair and kind of looks like George W. Bush (anyone else see it?) while a framed picture of Diana in profile looms in the background. In the other an oddly shiny Harry wearing polo gear sits atop a white horse. Whatever! We’re excited! And we don’t even care that Harry ditched us this year, we just want to see how weird they can make his pretty ginger face look.

The comic book is 32 pages and can be purchased at “comic book retail outlets.” The graphic novel, however, is over 40 glorious pages and is for sale at Amazon. It is a “special collector’s” edition; we would like to consider ourselves “special collectors.” There’s also a Will and Kate version.

Here’s what the press release says:

From his upbringing with his mother Princess Di and his father Prince Charles, to his wild partying and his military experience, all doors are opened and all parts of his life are on display. Prince William might be the one getting married, but Prince Harry continues to make waves all over the world. Take a peak behind the curtain at the Royal Family with this continuing look.

But we have some remaining questions: how will the Nazi incident be treated? What will the illustrations of Chelsy Davy, who we assume will be included, look like? Will Pippa make a surprise appearance at the end? Will her ass? Is this thing for children or just for us?