Scientology Spinout: Commenters of the Week!


After some time away, we came back with a slew of stories this week, and naturally, our readers were ready to pounce on them.

On Tuesday, we took another look at intriguing young DC-area Scientologist Tad Reeves. We’re still hoping to talk to the young father who has given us so many arresting images of the Hubbard lifestyle. Call us, Tad!

Later that night, we jumped on breaking news: iconic old school Scientology critic Mark Bunker explained why he supports former high-ranking church executive Marty Rathbun, and revealed that he helped Rathbun start his blog two years ago. It was a shocker!

On Wednesday, we got excited about what turned out to be a two-year-old video showing Tom Cruise sign an Anonymous member’s Guy Fawkes mask at a red-carpet event. Still, it was new to us.

On Thursday, another stunner: we posted video of Paulien Lombard admitting to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors that just two years ago she had been a Scientology spy. We interviewed Lombard, as well as the man she was sent to spy on, AnonOrange!

And on Friday, we posted a Q&A we did with Hollywood Reporter scribe Daniel Miller. In particular, we found out that he’d talked to Tommy Davis (never in person) in April and May, and had received a final e-mail from Davis in June. Where’s Tommy today? Running around a pole at Gold? We hope not.

Now, let’s get to the awards…

Our story about Mark Bunker and Marty Rathbun seemed to excite commenters the most, with a lot of back and forth about Rathbun’s adherence to Hubbard technology, and whether critics like Bunker can separate their disdain for Scientology’s practices from individual Scientologists. We enjoyed this response from “wannabeclear”:

His Words are Wise. His face is Beard! I always figured that these two had a mutual respect for each other, despite the enormous chasm of belief/disbelief between them. I’m particularly impressed with the fact that Mark created Marty’s WordPress blog, unsolicited. I’ve always been a big fan of WBM, but this reinforces it even more. And I too have learned quite a lot from reading Marty’s blog, despite my personal philosophical differences of opinion. If I am to be a true defender of the First Amendment, I must be willing to defend the rights of those whose views I may find anathema, abhorrent, bizarre or ridiculous, as long as their belief does not incite hate and violence or impinge on the rights of others. Although I may not personally believe in Scientology, I do believe that there are lots of people who feel they have gotten
benefit from it and I will not deny their experiences (which I have not myself experienced).

A well-stated counterpoint came from “Sid”:

There is a misunderstanding here. Rathbun and Rinder are not mistrusted because of what they did in Scientology. I believe that everyone in Scientology is a victim of Hubbard, and that includes Rathbun and Rinder – actually it even includes Miscavige. Therefore, anyone who leaves the cult, who comes to that awful realization that they have been completely conned of years of their life and 000s of dollars, is deserving of forgiveness and help. However, that is not the case with Rathbun and Rinder. Their beef is they were beat up a few too many times by their boss. They are mistrusted because they continue to promote the subject, they don’t seem to realize it was a cult long before Miscavige came on the scene, and by standing by Hubbard and the tech they are therefore effectively still promoting a cult. Their only problem with Scientology is that it is run by Miscavige.

We were surprised that more people didn’t comment on Paulien Lombard’s stunning public appearance. But we did enjoy this response by Heather Grace:

I really respect how Paulien has done what she can to make things right. She seems like a terrific person. It’s a reminder (should anyone need one) that many or most scientologists are actually terrific people. But they’ve been lied to and indoctrinated. Given the chance, and if they’re willing to consider all the facts, they may choose not to perpetuate the abuses of the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige. We do not protest the individual scientologists, nor their right to be scientologists. Just the fraud and abuses. Thanks, Paulien.

More good stories are on the way, and please keep those tips coming to our underground bunker. We look into every single one, whether or not we can turn them into stories here. Also, for updates on our coverage, including behind-the-scenes peeks at upcoming stories in progress, check out our new Facebook page.

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