Did Chipotle Kill Soul Daddy?


Even by the embarrassingly low standards of New York City restaurant life expectancy, Soul Daddy‘s six-week lifespan was pretty flagrantly bad. And according to Jamawn Woods, who created the Soul Daddy concept for the reality TV show America’s Next Great Restaurant, it’s all Chipotle’s fault.

Woods told TMZ that the fast-food chain, which is an investor in the TV show, was responsible for providing the management team to run his restaurant’s three locations for one year. But instead of supplying seasoned pros, Woods claims, Chipotle provided a team with no experience, which caused the nascent restaurant chain to implode.

Chipotle, of course, is denying Woods’s story, and says that the restaurants’ low profits were the cause of the closures. Woods, who is also claiming that Chipotle owes him $46,000, is apparently working on a settlement deal with the chain. Looks like the company may want to stick to making some of the best burritos in Chelsea.

[Via Eater]