This 78-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Costs $800 a Month


Back in April, we wrote about what may be New York’s tiniest actual intact walls-and-a-door apartment inhabited by an actual human individual. It was 78 square feet, and was featured on Apartment Therapy as one of the “Small/Cool” apartments of 2011. (It beat a 90-square-foot apartment, which we discussed here and which imparted a panic attack unto its own resident, by a good 12 feet.) Now, there is video of Luke Clark Tyler, the tenant, in his teensy Midtown apartment. Some of its bonuses: You can prop your legs up on the wall, and since Luke works from home (he is an architect), he doesn’t need a lot of work clothes. Luke works from home. Never does New York City seem as much an exercise in tempered insanity as it does when we discuss real estate. Luke pays $800. He “kinda just swooped this one up when he found it.” (He shares a bathroom.)