Mike Bloomberg Has a Sense of Humor About @ElBloombito


Surely by now you’ve heard about @ElBloombito, the Spanglish-speaking Bloomberg parody Twitter account run by a stay-at-home mom in Inwood? Sample tweet: “Cuidado! Stayo away para los downed linos de power. Que Electrocuto! El BUZZZ!” Mike Bloomberg has now heard of it too, and he’s being pretty cool about it.

Somebody asked him at a press conference today about his doppelganger Miguel, and Bloomberg responded gamely in Spanish: “I can tell you my Spanish skills come along little by little, but it’s difficult because I’m 69 years old, it’s difficult to learn a new language. Everyone thank you…thank you for your help.” His office also tweeted:

Now, where is the Miguel Bloombito SNL skit?