This Week in the Voice: 9/11’s Biggest Winners, Gourmet Rice-A-Roni


This week in the Voice, out today: on the cover, Graham Rayman writes about the people who have turned 9/11 into a business. From huge corporations to individuals, the “winners” of 9/11 have found a way to keep turning a profit from the memory of the attacks.

For Michael Musto, “Fame Is Better Than Drugs And I Want To Mainline That Shit.

Lauren Shockey reviews Salinas, a new Spanish restaurant in Chelsea. We’d go just for the dish her friend described as “gourmet Spanish Rice-a-Roni.”

In Music, Chris Weingarten writes about the return of “pigfuck” — New York has a whole new generation of aggressive, industrial bands to thrash to.

Robert Sietsema ventures out to Gravesend, or maybe Bensonhurst, to review an Uzbek restaurant called Cupola Samarkanda II.

J. Hoberman reviews Heroic Life, the new Serge Gainsbourg biopic. Despite its flights of fancy, the movie is “too timidly conceived by half.”

Nat Hentoff on NYC public school students’ absence of civic literacy: “the fixation on collective standardized tests in reading and math has led to the absence of civics classes throughout the country.”

R.C. Baker heads to MoMA to check out Harun Farocki’s exhibit Images of War (at a Distance).

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