Gay City News Gives Me A Huge Thumbs Up


The new issue of Gay City News has Dean Wrzeszcz‘s thoughtful and appreciative review of my new book.

(Have I told you I have a new book? No? Gosh, what a lapse. Well, yeah, I have one, lol.)

He refers to my “wide ranging dexterity” and says, “There’s something for everyone in Musto’s compilation.”

“What lies behind what sometimes seems like stream-of-consciousness raving is the mind of a cultural and political commentator who knows his craft.”

Adds Dean:

“My copy is scattered with stars to designate times when I laughed out loud.”

Dean doesn’t love every word of the book, mind you — I’ve had lame patches — but he takes time to dissect it, point to my strengths, and catalog the times I was brave, amusing, and/or effective.

Thank you, GCN, for finding my work worth analyzing with such intelligence and positivity.