Beyoncé Goes Back To The Classics For “Love On Top”


When the world last received a Beyoncé video, it was… well, it was about 10 days ago, when the sugar-rush clip for the thrill-a-millisecond “Countdown” arrived and brought with it some controversy about where she got her inspiration. In the video for the sumptuous “Love On Top,” which more casual fans might remember as “the song that accompanied the worldwide announcement of B’s forthcoming baby,” she’s still drawing from other sources—its first half is pretty much a direct homage to the peeking-in-on-rehearsals clip for New Edition’s fantastic 1988 single “If It Isn’t Love,” although once the song’s many key changes kick in, Beyoncé and her posse of backup dancers get a bit brassier and fancier. Clip below.

It even employs the breaking-the-fourth-wall-at-the-end idea that was so popular in videos back in the day! Phil Collins would be proud.

And for completist/cheering up a gloomy Monday’s sake, here’s New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love”—if you’re not familiar with the song, get ready, as it’s one of the finest moments in New Jack Swing, the producing career of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and maybe even pop music of the last 25 years:

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