Hungarians Have the Biggest Dicks in Europe


Ahem. Ahem. According to what we’re certain is a very well researched and methodologized scientific-based (if also self-reported) survey, the average Hungarian penis may be the biggest in all of Europe, measuring 16.51 centimeters, or 6.5 inches. Next is the French, at 16.01 centimeters. That, for us Americans, is 6.3 inches. [I was asked to insert a baguette joke here.]

The map, made by AlphaDesigner, is part of Mapping Stereotypes: The Ultimate Bigot’s Calendar of Europe, which includes a bunch of maps portraying national prejudices and stereotypes about Europe. You may have seen some of them before — Europe according to Americans, for example?

Note, in this (other) map of penis sizes around the world, the U.S. averages 5.1 inches.

This would be a good Christmas present for someone, though perhaps not for your family and friends in Ireland.

The very best thing about the map, though, is the “embiggen” link at the bottom. That means…enlarge.

See a Map of Penis Sizes Across Europe [Vulture]

[JDoll / @thisisjendoll]

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