The Q Train Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy


The Q train would like to remind you that love is possible, and that it will happen to you, even you! This hopeful memo seen en route from Union Square to Brooklyn this Saturday may be the loveliest thing anyone has ever said to us — via Post It note, on public transportation, anyway.

We don’t know who put this up, what his or her story is, or if it’s a random act or maybe a series (let us know if you see one!) to help the daters of New York City. Maybe this is in response to that sad guy on the F train who needs help getting his girlfriend back (if so, wrong train). Maybe it’s from a fan of Daniel Johnston. But in any case, we appreciate the sentiment. After all, Union Square has been identified as “the loneliest place in New York City,” and train-based Missed Connections are rampant.

A little positive thinking couldn’t hurt.

If you’re behind this note — get in touch!