HIV Is Not A Crime!


But guess what?

In many places in this country, people with AIDS are treated as criminals if they don’t disclose their status to partners, even if the transmission risk is next to nil.

Poz magazine founder Sean Strub — who’s doing a documentary on the subject (trailer above) — tells me that a guy named Nick Rhoades got 25 years in jail for nondisclosure!

And he had an undetectable viral load and he used a condom!

And there are so many other instances like this that it’s clear PWAs are being equated with serial killers.

I’m all for personal responsibility, but that should involve both partners.

I.e., they both need to take the necessary precautions regardless of their presumed status.

If either one is silent or evasive on the subject — or even if they exult, “I’m negative” — you still take the necessary precautions.

Don’t buy a ticket for a horror film and then complain to the cops that your heart jumped from the fright.

(And I’m willing to admit that way more education is needed to alert those at risk to these essentials.)

An extra sad twist from all this is that in certain states, people are obviously better off never getting tested because they won’t know anything and therefore can’t withhold any information!

Not getting tested can spare you the rest of your life in jail!

I thought we’d come a long way from the 1980s civil suit by Rock Hudson’s lover — who didn’t get HIV from Rock, but who still collected big time for the trauma and the distress — but in fact things have gotten way, way worse.