Scientology Recon: Commenters of the Week!


And we thought it was going to be tough to follow Debbie Cook.

We’re glad that we got those improvements to the underground bunker in place before the new year; we don’t know if the old setup could have handled the hurricane-force enturbulation that hit with the coming of 2012. While we were still recovering from the Debbie Cook cyclone, this week’s stories really took us by surprise.

After starting our week with another installment of Sunday Funnies, we unwrapped a big present for our loyal readers Monday morning: previously unpublished renderings and schematics of Scientology’s “Flag Mecca” — the Super Power Building.

On Tuesday, we gave you a second helping of the Super Power Building’s odder elements, like the “oiliness table” and a “pain station.”

Then, in the third part of our series, we revealed one part of the Super Power Rundown itself — the actual auditing material that Scientologists will pay about $30,000 to experience.

Thursday morning, we decided it was time to publish some happy news about Scientology, so we reprinted the glowing testimonial of a church member named Michael Doven…

…and then late that night revealed that Doven had, in fact, spied on Tom Cruise for more than a decade, supplying information about the Cruise-Kidman household while Cruise spent about ten years mostly separated from the church. Wild!

And finally, yesterday morning we returned to our regular Friday morning feature, with another L. Ron Hubbard dispatch from the yacht Apollo.

Debbie Cook, The Super Power Building, and spying on Tom Cruise, all in a single week? This pace is brutal.

OK, so let’s get on to the awards…

While we were going through schematics of the Super Power Building, we did a double take at a circular object in the center of a room on the second floor. We took a snapshot of the room in our big Monday leak of images, and we loved the reaction from Thetan-X


The “perceptics” installations on the fifth floor were also very popular with readers, and several noted that the “smell wall” included some rather odd choices in its schematic. We liked this comment by Guest

I, for one, definitely am going to sign up for the machine that helps me tell the difference between the smell of cheddar cheese and spaghetti bolognese. Two universal olfactory truths that need to be distinguished accurately, to become more inter-galactically spiritual.

And maybe our standards are slipping, but we couldn’t help chuckling at this wisecrack by Brainslugged

I know it’s officially called a “taste wall”, but if DM or Tom Cruise have anything to do with it, I’d feel very uncomfortable putting my mouth up against a hole in a wall waiting to see what came out.

On Tuesday, we provided some more views of the perceptics stations, and we enjoyed another good one from Guest

My cat would love that Gravitic Room, with the upholstered scratching post and climbing wall!! For me, however, I can think of better ways to get my Gravitons on.

One of the schematics described the replica Apollo deck that will be outside the Commodore’s office, including a replica lifeboat. Kate Bornstein helped us understand the irony of that memorial…

According to the schematic, the lifeboat has no motor, no propeller. The only boat that had those was assigned to the old man and his family. It was the only lifeboat that could actually be lowered, and float on the water. The rest of the boats were either rusted into their davits, or they sank as soon as they hit the water. We didn’t have money or supplies to fix them. When I was First Mate, I did what every 1st Mate before me and after me did: I put requests into the weekly budgeting committee for funds to get the boats working. Monies were never approved. If it had ever come to needing those boats, forget the whole idea of women and children first. It was the old man and his family. Now that’s a hell of a thing to memorialize in their museum.

On Wednesday, we published the Super Power Rundown itself, and readers seemed as surprised as we were that at least part of what likely costs tens of thousands of dollars boils down to a simple question — “Where would you be safe?” — being asked over and over again. We understood Mimi the Great‘s exasperation..

I can think of a million ways to blow 30k, and none of them include me being interrogated or asked the same question 100 times.

And Jgg made us chuckle with this classic response…

I have gotten more profound insight from Chinese fortune cookies.

But it was Larry Brennan who really killed…

Oh geeeez, thank God I have prepaid only $10,000 for this when it was first announced, as I doubt it will ever be released. Fortunately my bigger bucks of $33,000 was prepaid for OT IX!
Oh wait…

Thursday night, we revealed the extent of Scientology’s spying on Tom Cruise by his own church. But Synthia Fagen put things in perspective for us…

This kind of “spying” is common in Scientology. This type of thing happens even in the lives of ordinary parishioners. These people in this story are justifying it by coming from the point of view that whatever means used to make sure that Tom gets on and up the Bridge are the absolute best thing for him. Truth is, Tom might actually agree with that too. Privacy? Forget it!

Marc and Claire Headley figured in the story, so we included a photograph of them with their two young boys that we found on Marc’s Facebook page. We enjoyed Tye Solaris‘s reaction…

By the way… just looking at the photo of the Headley Family…Now, that is an AUTHENTIC Success Story!

And Tye also singled out Claire for praise that we felt was amply deserved.

Claire showed through the whole article what ‘Integrity’ looks like… I bet most would have declared a “floating needle” … buckling under the pressure to not make waves… well, Hell.. it’s the Sea Org … isn’t it? Then the Pope steps in and counter-mandates the Holy Scriptures of God himself… Another “proof of bullshit” episode…

And now, something I promised earlier this week…

The most remarkable comment I received this week came by e-mail from Mark Miglio, in response to our post about the Super Power Building and the Super Power Rundown.

Our loyal readers are quite familiar with Miglio, a Scientologist who spoke up for the church in our comments section but then began e-mailing me his reactions to our stories.

Miglio’s reaction to the Super Power Building post hit me especially hard. I feel for the guy, and I wonder whether he doesn’t risk his position in the church by engaging us.

In his e-mail to me this week, he set out once again to convince me of the efficacy and rightness of Scientology. But I wonder if he really had any idea how this episode he describes comes off…

In 1976 I did a very simple process when I first got into NYC Scientology at 84th St.

The process only had one command (sort of like a question). It seemed so silly. The question was worded pretty much this way: “Give me a problem of a comparable magnitude.” (a comparable level)

* * *

AUDITOR: Do you have a problem that is bothering you?

ME: My most major problem, I guess, would be that I really feel that the world, overall, and the overall condition of everything environmental, and the way ordinary people behave towards each other is so ugly to me, and so so depressing in so many ways. I really can’t take it anymore—it depresses me. I can’t live like this. Certainly not for the rest of my life—with all this societal hate, anger, fighting, war, cheating, lying, exploitation, drugs, poverty, and the general craziness, and meanness, and lack of respect—one person to another.

AUDITOR: Give me a problem of a comparable magnitude.

ME: I can’t think of anything.

AUDITOR: (After looking at her e-meter) Give me a problem of a comparable magnitude.

ME: I really can’t think of anything as bad as that. It bothers me everyday. I don’t really have anything else that really bothers me. I lost my girlfriend, but that was probably for the best. My Dad is always doing what you Scientologists call, suppressing me. But that too is no big deal. He’s a great man, who is just a little bit crazy. I still love him, I think he loves me, I guess.

AUDITOR: Mark, the meter is still reading. I will repeat the auditing command, “Give me a problem of a comparable magnitude.”

ME: Well, the only thing I can think as similar would be if some crazy guy went around killing everybody, all the nice people.

AUDITOR: Thank you, your needle is floating.

* * *

This chatter when on for about three hours. Then for no apparent reason she thanked me for the session and brought it to a conclusion.

As I walked down the corridor to the “Examiner” in the “Qualifications Division” I noticed that my Auditor had a big smile on her face. I was wondering why, and I wondered why I had even done the process. I didn’t see any benefit.

About an hour later I noticed something was different about the environment, my life, and my feelings. For about the next week nothing and no one had any negative effect of me to any slightest degree. I was “flying”.

But I didn’t, yet, have any new found ability or power (let’s call that ability/power auditing) and I hadn’t, as yet, any training on how to handle an SP. But boy, was that some first week in Scientology, and what an exciting introduction to Scientology “Life Repair” auditing processes.

K R C <> A R C


I was left pretty speechless by this message from Miglio. Rather than piece together my own thoughts, I would greatly appreciate hearing yours.

What do you make of Miglio’s experience?

Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. Since 1995, he’s been writing about Scientology at several publications.

@VoiceTonyO | Facebook: Tony Ortega


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