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Andrew Embiricos’ Death: We Finally Have the Truth | Village Voice


Andrew Embiricos’ Death: We Finally Have the Truth


Andrew Embiricos was the 25-year-old grandson of Rita Hayworth and son of Yasmin Aga Khan who mysteriously was found dead last year, with a plastic bag over his head.

It was a presumed suicide, according to the cops, but his friends and family couldn’t understand how that could be, seeing as he was in good spirits and was planning a trip to celebrate his birthday.

I immediately wrote a blog in praise of Andrew.

And though I covered his taste for wild sex, his stint in rehab, his battle with HIV, and other aspects of his anything-but-banal life, I concluded that the genial, charming young man didn’t intentionally kill himself.

I even suggested that the death may well have been from autoerotic asphyxiation, since Andrew was experimental with sexuality and didn’t care for anything vanilla or bland.

And there was an uproar. “You’re tasteless.” “Let him rest.” And so on and so on.

Well, this article by Ray Rogers in the new Scene magazine says the coroner told Andrew’s friend that it was autoerotic asphyxiation that accidentally caused his death!

It also goes into the debate over my coverage at the time, and includes my sense that Andrew was “truly sweet, special, and complicated.”

A sexual rebel and a complete gent.

He is missed.

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