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Sandra Lee Takes Questions On A Cuomo Presidency, Marriage and Chris Christie


Sandra Lee — cooker of “Semi-Homemade” food, girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo — is the subject of the New York Times Magazine‘s Talk piece this week, and though the piece is ostensibly about Lee, the second half of it becomes almost entirely about her famous companion. Though interviewer Andrew Goldman asks about topics ranging from competition between Martha Stewart and Lee, Lee’s childhood and her infamous Kwanzaa cake, he hones in on how her relationship with Cuomo might affect a possible 2016 presidential run for the governor. (“He’s not running for president,” she said.)

Goldman questioned Lee on whether she and Cuomo would marry for a presidential run:

Chester Arthur was the last president to serve a full term as a single man. People without spouses don’t get elected president anymore. When are you two getting married?
That’s a loaded question. Andrew is focused on being governor. He’s not running for president. We’re happy in the relationship the way it is. Still, I can tell you that Andrew’s kids want us to get married. It’s very sweet.

The subject of marriage for the two has long been controversial given that Cuomo — a Catholic — has been criticized on the basis of faith for his relationship with Lee.

Goldman also attempted to get Lee to comment on a match up between her boyfriend and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie based on their respective physiques. After she said that she thought “emotional and physical stamina” were necessary for public service, Goldman jumped in:

So are you saying that Chris Christie is too fat to be president?
No, I absolutely never said that. I have no comment.

As the interview draws to a close Lee finally asks her own question that had crept up in the back of our minds: “Is this an interview about me or Andrew?” Mind you, this is coming from a woman who — no matter what you think about her cooking or products — has widely successful career in her own right and who decided to stay largely away from her companion’s political endeavors.



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