NY Post’s Abby Schachter: ‘The Left’ Is Unpatriotic for Complaining About Racism


Did you know that complaining about racism makes you unpatriotic and means that you have a (bad) attitude toward America?

Well, it doesn’t, but that’s what the New York Post‘s Abby Schachter suggests.

“Bill Maher pretty much summed up the left’s attitude toward the United States when he declared that Barack Obama came up from poverty to become ‘the first black president of the racist states of America,’ she writes.

For Schachter, of course, this is evidence that, “according to liberals like Maher, nothing has changed in all that time. This country is racist, many liberals believe, so it ever was and so it shall ever be. The election of a black president has done nothing to change our nation’s true nature, says the left, because at its heart this is a racist country.”

Somehow, Maher’s one comment corroborates something about all liberals and suggests that white people get the short end of the stick. Oh, and apparently, the Trayvon Martin case is an example of “the liberal racist narrative.”

She really said all this!

Check it out:

“Maher’s comment only confirms Harry Stein’s analysis of race in America. In his new book No matter what…they’ll call this book racist: How our fear of talking honestly about race hurts us all (Encounter), Stein argues that if you are looking a the world, and especially America through the lense of liberalism, blacks are always victims and whites are always guilty of crimes against blacks. White are alwasy racist and blacks never can be.”


“I asked Stein about his theory in light of the Trayvon Martin case and he replied that like the Duke lacrosse-team rape case, the media managed to show their true bias covering the Martin shooting….

Stein says that the Martin case might have some good effects. He calls the Martin shooting ‘tragic, but I think exposure of the emptiness of the liberal narrative has salutary effects,’ Stein declares. ‘Lots of liberals [are] hearing for the first time about black on black violence. And as statistics show, black on black violence is the real story that needs to be told.'”

Ohmanohmanohman. Where to begin?

First off, that the U.S. has a black president does not mean that the U.S. is not racist. It means that the U.S. has a black president. There’s no direct causal relationship between a commander-in-chief’s race and the overall racial climate in a country. Yes, it’s unlikely that a racist county would elect a member of a minority group to serve as president, but it’s not impossible. And, you have to remember — the whole country didn’t vote for Obama — a majority of voters did.

Second, now doesn’t seem to be the appropriate time to take a Pollyanna-like approach to the Trayvon Martin case, and it’s likely that it will never be the right time to do so. A kid is dead, and race relations in the U.S. have become much more tense as a result of the shooting. No, there are no “good effects.” To say that suggests such a skewed set of values that the National Rifle Association looks reasonable.

Oh, and can white people PLEASE stop pretending to be systematically victimized? Yes, you can be the victim of racism even if you have light skin, but let’s be realistic here: The majority will never experience the institutional bigotry experienced by the minority.

So get the fuck over it, Schachter/Stein — it’s not that whites are “always” made out to be racist; it’s that the narrative of race relations in the U.S. suggests over and over and over that whites suppress minorities. Sorry.

Also, Schachter makes heavy use of lazy linguistic trickery — she throws around loaded language such as “left” and “liberal” to foster that whole “us-versus-them” mentality. This light form of poisoning the well gets us nowhere when it comes to having a meaningful discussion about anything, especially something so heated as race. It doesn’t matter whether Maher is a “liberal” or on “the left” — his ideas could be valid or complete bullshit regardless of their origin.

(NOTE: We misspelled Maher twice in a previous version.)