I’ve Been Asked To Tour NYC With Topless Women! Should I Go?


An intriguing email invite just came my way while I was sitting around pinching my nippies:

“I am a Women’s and Gender Studies professor at the University of Miami and a Topfreedom activist since 1996. Quite simply, Topfreedom is the right for women to be bare-chested any time/place a man can take his shirt off.

“In America, we are deeply socialized to associate breasts with sexuality. This necessitates the philosophy and movement of Topfreedom, and there are a host of reasons why topfreedom should be a leading human rights priority. Topfreedom may help ease the scourges of objectification, legal gender discrimination, body hate, sexual insentience, disordered eating, and hazardous breast enhancement surgery.

“Women won the right to be topfree in the state of New York in the 90s. Yet, when I practice Topfreedom (walking around NYC bare-chested) it is one of the most intimidating experiences of my life. I thought you could make this city walk with me this year and see the sexualization, harassment, and objectification I endure in my natural state.

“On our topfree walk around the city we can have coffee topfree at the aptly named B Cup Café in the East Village, attempt to go the Met, take a topfree subway ride, stroll through the Upper East Side, go browsing at The Strand, visit the New York Public Library Rose Reading Room, give an impromptu reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, or take it impressionist style and have a ‘half-naked’ lunch in Central Park.”

Should I go?

And how should I dress?